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LCWS 2007 Working Groups

If you want to contribute to the programme of the LCWS 2007 workshop, please contact the conveners of the respective working groups. The list of conveners of the ILC 2007 workshop is here.

Working Groups and Conveners for LCWS 2007

Working Group


Higgs and Electroweak Symmetry Breaking

H. Logan, T. Barklow, S. Heinemeyer, A. Raspereza, Y. Gao, Y. Okada

SUSY Particles

H. Baer, G. Wilson, A. Djouadi, J. List, S. Youl Choi, K. Fujii

New Physics at TeV Scale and Precision Electroweak Studies

J. Hewett, K. Moenig, G. Moreau, S. Raychaudhuri

Top and QCD

A. Juste, T. Teubner, R. Godbole

Gamma Gamma, e-Gamma, e- e- Physics and Technology

J. Gronberg, M. Velasco, M. Krawczyk, V. Telnov, E. Asakawa, K. Cheung

Loop Calculations

D. Wackeroth, S. Dittmaier, Y. Yasui

Cosmological Connections

M. Battaglia, Z. Zhang, N. Okada

Tracking and Vertexing

T. Nelson, D. Peterson, J. Timmermans, M. Winter, H. Park, Y. Sugimoto

Calorimetry and Muons

R. Frey, J. Blazey, F. Sefkow, T. Takeshita, B.G. Cheon

Simulation and Reconstruction

N. Graf, M. Thomson, C. Gatto, A. Miyamoto

Machine Detector Interface

T. Markiewicz, A. Seryi, E. Torrence, W. Lohmann, P. Bambade, W. Kozanecki, K. Buesser, P. Burrows, T. Tauchi, T. Omori

Data Acquisition and Global Detector Network

P. Le Du, D. Haas

Test Beam Contact

M. Woods, J. Yu, F. Sefkow, K. Kawagoe